Work with DUI Offenders More Effectively!

This valuable guidebook provides current information on counseling DUI offenders in group or individual settings. It also provides you with up-to-date information on assessment strategies, how to strategically involve family members, working with resistance issues, and how to counsel DUI offenders using a structured, session-by-session protocol that you can tailor to match the length of your DUI program.  This workbook goes beyond the brief, “education-only” approaches that are used with low-risk, 1st offenders and targets multiple offenders and high-risk 1st offenders who are mandated for extended counseling. Rather than “talking at them”, this workbook contains structured modules and exercises that encourage the DUI offender to open up gets them  moving towards developing effective Action strategies to prevent recidivism.

This workbook contains:

An overview of up-to-date information and statistics pertaining to DUI offenders
-how they differ from chemically dependent clients
-how to develop effective programs
-how to run effective groups
-how to deal with resistance issues

Information on effective interviewing techniques

How to build incentive-based strategies instead of punishment-based strategies

How to integrate 12 Step program participation with less resistance

Application of Motivational Interviewing approaches that are specific to the DUI offender population

All the forms you need to work effectively with DUI offenders including:

A Biopsychosocial Assessment Form developed specifically for use with DUI offenders

Informed Consent Form which not only outlines the rules & expectations of your program but also reduces your liability

Aftercare Contracts for use at the time of program completion

Group Handouts

Progress Assessment Form

Recidivism Risk Form

Other forms all contained on a CD-ROM that you can modify and adapt to your program needs!!!!